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"I am always searching for good BBQ in the Seattle area. This time, the BBQ found me! Pecos catered for my company and provided a spread of pulled pork, chicken, and beans. I found the pork to be very tender and full of flavor. The provided BBQ sauce had a great heat level without being to spicy. The beans had a nice thick sauce."Yelp: Michael R., Seattle, WA

Build Your Own BBQ

2 Pecos smoked meats $15 per person

3 Pecos smoked meats $20 per person

Choose Your Smoked Meats!

Pecos Chopped Pork
Pecos Chopped Beef
Pecos Hand Carved Chicken
Pecos Super Hot Links

Your Spread Includes

Sauces / Toppers
Pecos the "Only” Sauce
Pecos DAMN HOT Sauce
Bob's Blue Cheese Dressing
Wickles Spicy Pickles


Pecos Pit Beans
Best Potato Salad Ever
Cowboy Caviar

The Set-up

Mini-Me Buns
Metal Chafers with Sternos
Serving Utensils

Extra Large Sides

Pecos Pit Beans $12
Best Potato Salad Ever $8
Cowboy Caviar $8
Coleslaw $8


Bottled Smartwater $3 per bottle
Bottled Dasani Water $1 per bottle
Canned Soda $1 per can

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, & Dr. Pepper

Extra Meat

Pecos Pork Butt $12 lb
Pecos Beef Brisket $17 lb
Pecos Smoked Chicken $10 lb
Turkey Legs $8 each
Hot Links $3 Each
Rack of Pork Ribs $20


Brownie $2.5
Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.5

ADD A Little Green! $3.00 PER PERSON

Wicked Smoked Spud (sweet or russet)

- butter, sharp cheddar, sour cream, green onions

Simply Fresh BBQ Salad

- sharp cheddar, cowboy caviar, olives, tomatoes, bob's blue cheese dressing or ranch dressing

Catering FAQ

Follow these 7 steps below to ensure a safe and fun catering experience for your friends and family, at home or in your office!

  1. Place the empty wire racks on a cleared table. You may consider setting up more than one table for all the deliciousness, and to ensure there's enough space.
  2. Set the empty, full size aluminum pans in the wire racks. Fill each pan with two cups of water; measuring approximately two inches deep.
  3. Remove the lids from the chafer fuel cans using a bottle opener or similar tool. Carefully place under the full aluminum pans in the appropriate holder in the wire rack. Light them on fire!
  4. Place the aluminum pans of your Pecos Pit BBQ food or sauce horizontally inside the full pans.
  5. Set up the buns and get your cold sides out! Whether it's our Coleslaw, Best Potato Salad Ever, Pecos Pit Beans or our Cowboy Caviar — set them at one end of the table.
  6. Put your Wickles spicy pickles, Bob's Blue Cheese Dressing, Pecos Damn Hot Sauce, utensils, plates and napkins at the other end of the table.
  7. Now, enjoy! We won't tell you how to eat your deliciously sloppy sandwich, but we recommend doing it before someone else does.