14,000 years and Still Smoking

The history of barbecue starts pretty simply. Early man kills animal, lighting strikes a piece of wood, and fire is started. Man puts animal on a stick, puts it into the fire and barbecue is born.

14,500 years ago Pecos Pit Bar-b-que's namesake takes shape. In North America where the Pecos River Valley flows into the Rio Grande there are petroglyphs showing early man’s first attempts at barbecue. These petroglyphs illustrate some of man’s early thumping, roasting and eating’s; the hallmarks of Pecos Pit barbecue to this day.

Jump forward thousands of years to 1776 where the American colonies and our beginnings as a nation are taking form. barbecues are a means to draw folks from hundreds of miles around to celebrate their continuing survival and some semblance of prosperity. Moonshine and home brewskis are soon added.

George Washington recorded his barbecue exploits in his journal. On May 27, 1769 he wrote "Went into Alexandria to a barbecue and stayed all night." Washington attended and hosted many barbecues in the years following, and started a tradition that would be passed onto many other citizens.

The modern Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que Restaurants trace their roots to 1980 when Ron & Debra Weiss opened a Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que in Seattle, WA on 1st Avenue South. They presented their huge smiley welcoming faces and two types of slow roasted wood smokec meats in the form of legendary sandwiches — pork shoulder & brisket of beef with only one sauce as a choice — mild, medium or hot. The "only" sauce soon became the name of their only sauce.

We are taking this "little old business that was started in a former gas station" to the rest of the world. It’s our small part of expanding the legacy and the history of barbecue through the rest of the world. So much for living in a tree.