Hours: Mon-Fri 10:30am-4pm

2260 1st Avenue South • Seattle, WA 98134

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The Original Pecos Pit Location

For 33 years and counting, Ron and Debra Wise have been serving up "big 'n' messy" pulled pork sandwiches, beef brisket and sides at the original Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que. Open Mon-Fri 10:30am-4pm, line up with the construction workers and Starbucks HQers at this affordable, weekday "lunch-only" restaurant for phenomenal barbecue that's "meaty, messy" and — when you order it hot — searingly spicy.

Holy schamoly! This place is AMAZING! Place was recommended by my Texan friend. I got the brisket sandwich with the BBQ was super delicious! Word of warning, their spiciness is really spicy! The meat was melt in your mouth goodness! No hard chewing necessary...I just wish I was able to order more food! — Jane F., Yelp

Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que Restaurants trace their roots to 1980 when Ron & Debra Wise opened Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que in Seattle, WA on 1st Avenue South. They served two essential ingredients to their Guests, warm welcomes and smoked meats. Their delicious, alder smoked, slow roasted, beef and pork soon became legendary. Their addicting, slow cooked sandwiches, piled with juicy meat and mouthwatering sauce became wildly acclaimed.

The sauce alone was a real point of distinction, separating those who stood in line by how daring they would be. "Mild" for those sanely enjoying the meat, "Medium", which to most is adventurously hot, and "Damn Hot" for those who don’t mind their hair on fire. Three heats, only one sauce. It became known as the "Only" Sauce".

Pecos Pit began in an old, refurbished, open-air gas station without indoor seating—stand in line in rain or shine or don’t bother. And stand in line they did. Devoted Guests in everything from hard hats to suits have come for years to get their Pecos fix. This humble beginning started a Northwest-born obsession for BBQ that neither Seattleites nor visitors have ever forgotten.

Still an all time favorite. I come here about once a month and get my BBQ on! — Vince N., Yelp

OK. This place is great. I was having lunch with a friend who works at Starbucks across the street and we went on her recommendation and it was superb. We got there right before the lunch rush, so we ordered almost immediately. You pick your meat, your spice level and then how you want it (sandwich, over a salad, on top of nachos, etc.). My one slight gripe is the guy taking my order straight up would not let me order medium spice. I told him I like spicy foods and he told me I could try it next time (eyeroll). It was still good and I think I could have handled the medium. By the time we left the line was getting pretty long, so go earlier if you can! From what I've been told, they're only open for lunch (11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or so). Also--try the mac and cheese. — Christine F.Yelp

Black pepper sauce is delicious! I hope these kind folks running the show never change a thing. Do not listen to the few dumbos that think they are trained bbq critics this place has been here for a coons age for a reason it's just got damn good! — Grubenführer Z.., Yelp